Sunday, June 2, 2019

Still a Work in Progress

Oh man, I love Jo Knowles. Her writing is just so inviting that it's like diving into a warm pool. I just want to hang out in her world. I asked my library to add Still a Work in Progress to the collection, as it's been on my To Read list since 2016 and I just knew it would be great. I was right. 

After many years of reading YA novels, I've seen my share of eating disorder books. But I've never come across a book from the perspective of a younger brother, who really can't relate to what his sister is experiencing, but is worried anyway. Totally unique conceit.

I thought that the family dynamics played out really well, but my favorite part of the book was the friendship between our protagonist, Noah, and his two best friends.

It was such an accurate portrayal of nice kids growing at different rates, loving each other deep down, but also getting frustrated and not knowing why. I see this constantly with my students, so it was great to have a book to share when I see someone struggling with it. 

It also nailed how often seventh graders talk about who is going out with whom.

I loved this book and am now going to request enough copies to use it for book clubs.

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