Saturday, December 29, 2018

What If It's Us

WOW--NINE YEARS OF DEVOUR BOOKS! Happy Birthday to this little memory device.

Another review in GIF form because I'm a bit conflicted by What If It's Us.  I really like author Becky Albertalli and had never read Adam Silvera before, so had high hopes. I usually enjoy novels that trade off between authors and characters, but this one didn't quite hit it for me.

At first, I had a really hard time distinguishing between the two characters, Ben and Arthur. Although they were very different, I had to keep up with who was in summer school and who was doing an internship, as well as the various friends in their squads. It took a minute.

I realize that everyone has their faults and issues, but this book seemed to really highlight all of the character flaws. The only characters I found extremely likable were Dylan (one of the best friends-would have to open the book to figure out whose) and his girlfriend Samantha. They were funny and thoughtful and really. Not so much angst.

Am I happy that there are YA romance novels about gay teens?

Will I be recommending this to my students?

It was too long, the characters irked, and the ending was unsatisfying.

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