Sunday, December 16, 2018


What a journey with this one! I never imaged when I was on page 100 of Orphaned and the plot was dragging that I would be in tears as it finished. I should have had more faith in Eliot Schrefer and that he would finish his Ape Quartet powerfully. Still, I hope young readers will have the patience to get into the meat of the story where really beautiful writing happens.

Schrefer goes for a bold challenge with this book: it is written in verse and from the perspective of a gorilla named Snub. While it makes sense that a gorilla's point of view would look very different from a human's, I found it frustrating at first to understand what was going on. And I love novels in verse! I had so many questions until I decided to let go of them and let the story unfold. When I did, I grew to appreciate the characters and story, and ended up in tears.

I'll be encouraging readers to persevere and finish this book because it is worth it in the end.

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