Sunday, October 28, 2018

Fake Blood

A book review in GIF format because I have a lot going on right now!

At first I worried that Whitney Gardner's Fake Blood would be a bit hefty for my students, as it clocks in at 300 pages. But then I saw the format and how expansive the illustrations were and I thought: 

A sweet tale about a 6th grader who wishes he was a little more extraordinary? Sounds like something my students and I would enjoy.

But, hmmm, there are a lot of Twilight references here.

Have any of my students read or seen Twilight?

No, they haven't. But will they like the story anyway?

How I felt when AJ bonds with his crush via audiobook:

When the real vampire was revealed after super heavy-handed hints:

But will I be recommending this book to my students?

So much fun to review books this way! Can I just do this from now on?

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