Sunday, September 23, 2018

The Third Mushroom

After reading a particularly disturbing article in the newspaper, it was really nice to settle in to The Third Mushroom by Jennifer L. Holm. It was a bit of a palate cleanser to finish up this book, which just makes the reader feel good. Aside from its many charms, that is the main reason I will be recommending it widely: we all need something to make us happy right now.

A little time has passed since The Fourteenth Goldfish, but the characters are mostly the same. Ellie is still earnest and funny, her Grandpa Melvin is still a crotchety teenager, and her best friend Raj is still cool and goth. But just when she thinks things have settled into a comfortable groove, it all falls apart. Her relationships change and a loved one is hurt. Growing up is difficult, but Holm creates a novel full of sweet moments that will be reassuring to adolescent readers.

I read The Fourteenth Goldfish aloud to a class a few years ago and have already recommended this book to some members of that group. They're in eighth grade now, so this would be an easy novel for them, but heart warming and worth reading.

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