Thursday, April 26, 2018

Connect the Stars

Marisa de los Santos, please let me read your grocery lists. Or anything you jot down throughout the day.

I love her writing and gobble up anything I can find, so I was shocked that I somehow missed Connect the Stars, written with her husband, David Teague. As usual, de los Santos' writing is fantastic and I think this novel will be more enticing to young readers than the pair's previous novel, Saving Lucas Biggs.

Aaron and Audrey have "super powers" that are making middle school miserable. He is a walking encyclopedia with no social skills and she is a human lie detector who would rather distance herself from everyone than be hurt again. They meet when their concerned parents send them on a wilderness trip with other adolescents who are working on issues. Things go wrong, and Aaron and Audrey learn that their abilities are actually the gifts that will keep the alive in a harsh desert.

While there are many scenarios that are a stretch, I'll recommend this novel to readers who liked Moonpenny Island and other books with sensitive narrators coming to grips with the challenges of adolescence.

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