Sunday, January 21, 2018

Long Way Down

When my book club wanted to read A Christmas Carol for our December selection, I put up a fuss because I have gone through that plot too many times: I've seen Scrooge McDuck and just about every other version of that story structure. We picked another title and I decided to read Jason Reynolds' Long Way Down. Which, it turns out, follows the same idea as Dickens' classic. Ugh.

At least it was a quick read. Written in verse, although not the best verse, I was able to get through the book in a day. Young readers will like how quickly they will be able to speed through it, and maybe getting visited by ghosts from the past will be novel to them. I'm sure it will be a popular title, I just wish I had read something else instead.

Long Way Down was just optioned to make a movie, which is interesting because the whole book takes place in the course of 60 seconds. I won't be seeing the movie, but I'm sure I'll hear from my students about how it is done.

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