Monday, November 6, 2017

Wordless Picture Books

Boat of Dreams is a puzzle and the fact that it is wordless leaves much to the interpretation of the reader. Rogerio Coelho's book lets readers wonder what is happening and how the two main characters are related to each other.

The illustrations in this book (I'm having a hard time deciding between calling it a picture book and a graphic novel, because it is longer) are beautiful. They're a bit dark, but that adds to the moodiness of the story. There is a steampunk feel to the book that will appeal to people who like the work of Shaun Tan, and the plot would appeal to fans of The Little Prince.

This would be a great book for discussions about what is happening. I can imagine students poring over the illustrations to support their ideas with evidence.

I don't know how much kid appeal Jeannie Baker's Mirror will have, but I certainly enjoyed it. With its unique layout, readers can simultaneously follow a day in Morocco and in Sydney, Australia.

The main characters go about their days, spending time with their family, shopping, and eating meals. While they may look very different at first, closer inspection reveals a lot of similarity between the two lives.

Special mention should go to the detailed mixed media artwork in the book. It is truly detailed and gorgeous (see below).

This book could be a great provocation for a unit on cultures or on consumerism. I think it's a worthwhile addition to a school library, although not essential for a classroom or home library.

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