Monday, October 16, 2017


Argh, I wrote a review of Gordon Korman's Restart, and then lost the paper where I wrote it. Mommy brain strikes again!

I enjoyed this story of bullying written from a unique angle: Chase wakes up in a hospital after falling off his roof. He has amnesia and needs to relearn everything about his recent life. As he does, Chase realizes that he is a bully and that most of the people in his life fear him. While he doesn't want to be a mean person, Chase learns that not everyone is quick to believe that he has changed. Even worse, what happens when he feels his old rotten instincts kicking in?

Gordon Korman books are always in a hit in my classroom and Restart will be no exception. While some of the characters are broad enough to be considered stereotypes, the main characters are thoughtful representations. Best of all, we get the insight of a bully in a fresh way.

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