Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Saving Red

I adore Sonya Sones and am always excited to read a new novel in verse by her. I hadn't heard about Saving Red when it came out last year, but was eager to find it when a Goodreads friend posted about it. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite live up to my other favorite books by her.

While doing volunteer work, Molly meets a homeless girl named Red who is wild and spirited. Trying to make amends with a trauma in her past, Molly decides to get Red back home in time for the holidays. As she gets closer to Red, Molly realizes that she is mentally ill, not free-spirited. Undeterred, Molly learns a lot about Red, but even more about her own family.

I didn't connect with the characters in this novel the way I usually do with Sones' work. Still, I appreciated that the book shows the spectrum of mental illness and different ways that people cope with tragedy. I think it will be eye-opening for young readers who haven't read much about mental illness before. It's a soft introduction to a heavy topic.

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