Saturday, August 26, 2017

Animal Picture Books

I teach sixth grade, but am known around my school for being a prolific reader, which get me on committees such as Book Week and Summer Reading. I've been trying to expand my picture book reading so I can better recommend to the younger set. I recently read two awesome animal-related books that I had to share.

The first is Emily Jenkins' A Greyhound A Groundhog, which is all about the "ound" phonics. This fun and clever text has beautiful illustrations by Chris Applehans and a tongue twisting rhythm that will leave readers giggling. Best of all, they won't realize that they are practicing a challenging vowel pattern, over and over again. I wrote to our PYP Coordinator, asking her when this pattern is learned, because this book will definitely be recommended to that age group.

Brendan Wenzel's They All Saw a Cat is a book that I want added to our school's library. There are too few words for a summer reading list, but the message in this book is great: we all have different perspectives and see things differently.

The book follows a cat and the illustrations show how different things see the cat, according to their circumstances. It's a fantastic idea that can open up some excellent conversations. The discussion could be simple, such as the bee illustration below and how their eyes work. But I plan on using it in our unit on marine protected areas to get my students thinking about how many different stakeholders (fishermen, environmentalists, the government) see a stretch of water differently. Until the school has a copy for us to explore up close, I will be using this online read aloud.

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