Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Wow, I haven't had a book scare me like that in a long time. Nightfall was book-talked by one of my students and the premise had me dying to check it out.

On Marin's island, there are fourteen years of Day, and then during the fourteen years of Night, everyone must evacuate or face the creatures that rule the island in the dark. Of course, Marin and her twin brother get left behind while hunting for their friend Line. They begin to realize that the stories they have been told about Night are true, and worse than they ever imagined.

The overall feeling of Nightfall is dread. I don't consider myself to be someone who is scared of the dark, but I felt so frustrated with characters who kept going into places alone and with only a candle to guide them. I realized that I would not last very long on the island.

While the ending wasn't as strong for me, probably because I started getting answers to all the questions, I still am enthusiastically recommending this book and hoping a sequel will eventually be published.

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