Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z.

Sometimes you just need to read a good book about growing up. Kate Messner is the perfect author for this situation; many of her books involve a close-knit and quirky family, a serious illness that the protagonist needs to accept, and information about an unusual hobby. All the Answers and The Seventh Wish fit that mold, so does The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z. 

Let's check the boxes:

Family runs a funeral parlor
Annoying little brother who lives to tell jokes
A grandmother with Alzheimer's

Yes, it's all here. I have some die-hard Messner fans in my class who will be thrilled that I found this in my library. This will be my next book talk.

One note: Gianna was exceptionally disorganized and it stressed me out to read about it. I found it strange that her parents weren't more supportive in helping her create systems for success. Telling her to make a list isn't going to help someone with these issues. I kept waiting for Gianna to be diagnosed with ADHD, there were certainly plenty of hints, but nothing paid off there.

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