Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Enemy

Every reader knows the thrill of discovering an excellent new series, and then realizing that there are many more volumes to discover. I feel fortunate to learn about Charlie Higson's The Enemy just as the final book was published. I read the first in one day and am now eagerly working my way through the series.

I love the premise: a disease has turned everyone in London over the age of fourteen into a zombie, and the children are trying to survive by living in supermarkets and scavenging. When an invitation to start a new life in Buckingham Palace arises, the kids risk everything to make their way across London to safety.

In a novel like this, a lot of characters are going to die. It never felt gruesome or gratuitous, and it was fascinating to see which characters would actually survive until the end of the novel. Nobody was sacred, and I really enjoyed it because it seemed realistic for a doomsday situation.

There are brilliant, tiny details here. The kids call the zombies "mothers" and "fathers," which is just so sad. There are reminders all over that our heroes are children in a terrifying new world. I cannot wait to see what happens next.

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