Thursday, March 16, 2017

Dancing in the Rain

I love Lynn Joseph and wish she was prolific, coming out with something new and gorgeous every year. Unfortunately, that isn't the case and we need to wait for titles like Dancing in the Rain. This book still isn't widely available, even Amazon doesn't sell it directly. This is a shame because it's sad, beautiful, diverse, and hopeful.

September 11th changed many lives forever, including our protagonists, Elizabeth and Brandt. Elizabeth lives in the Dominican Republic, although her father worked on the top floor of the World Trade Center. Brandt's mother is a lawyer in the building, but after the tragedy, she decides to move Brandt and his older brother Jared back to Sosua. There, the children become friends while their mothers are numb with pain.

Nobody writes about the Caribbean like Joseph. Her descriptions evoke the tastes and smells and passions of the region where I've made my home. She also has created a gem in Elizabeth, who reminds me a bit of a Lia Francesca Block heroine. She believes in mermaids and whimsy and the power of hope. Elizabeth is the friend that everyone wishes they had.

Reading this just strengthens my desire to read Flowers in the Sky, the only Lynn Joseph book I haven't read. She is just too talented.

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