Saturday, December 3, 2016


I am really excited about this one.

My students have begun exploring the vast world of dystopian fiction. There is so much out there for them, but not all of it is appropriate for eleven year olds. An Ember in the Ashes (review) has too much rape and Pivot Point has drug use as a focal point. I'm happy that Joelle Charbonneau's Need gives readers the thrills that they seek, without taking it too far.

When a new social media network opens up to her high school, Kaylee isn't very impressed. That is, until she learns that this site provides members with anything they need. All her other efforts to get a kidney transplant for her brother have been futile, so Kaylee signs up. But she and her classmates soon learn that there is always a price for what we want, and sometimes it is very steep.

My lofty hope for this novel is that my students will think twice about what they post online. But if they just end up being entertained by Need, I'm okay with that. I can't wait to book talk this to my class.

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