Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

One of my students has recently moved to China after living in The Bahamas for six years. Understandably, he had many different emotions. China and The Bahamas have a complex relationship right now, so I wanted him to have a positive mindset about the move. As always, it comes back to a book for me. He and I read Where the Mountain Meets the Moon together.

Although it is set in China, this book brought me back to my childhood love of The Wizard of Oz. It has all the hallmarks of that classic: a young girl on a quest, different strangers who help her along the way, overcoming challenges, and many lessons learned. I've mentioned before that my sixth graders are at an interesting stage as readers: they will push themselves to read more mature books, but occasionally want the comfort of a beautiful story for children. Where the Mountain Meets the Moon is that kind of book, like a warm blanket being tucked around you on a cold night. It brought comfort to my student before his move, and it will be a book I recommend frequently to students in need of a feel-good story.

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