Friday, October 28, 2016

Stella by Starlight

I love Sharon Draper's books and Stella by Starlight has great buzz, but I went into reading it with apprehension. Stories about the post-Civil War era are so upsetting to me, so I kept waiting for the scenes that would break my heart and leave a residue. There were a few. How could there not be when the first page features a cross being burned by the Ku Klux Klan?

Stella lives with her loving family in segregated Bumblebee, North Carolina. Draper does a great job portraying the family as a tight group who take care of each other. They'll need to do so now that Stella's father wants to register to vote and the Klan doesn't like it.

I'm curious to know if any of my students would read this on their own. If it was a read aloud, they would be glued to it, but independently, they need more frequent hooks. I haven't had a patient reader for a few years, one who could sit this this book as its story unfolded. Still, I'll book talk it and keep it in mind if I'm ever teaching this historical era.

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