Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Tom Angleberger's feelings about standardized testing always comes through in his books, much to the delight of all the teachers who are in agreement with him. Fuzzy takes this to the next level, fully exposing how ludicrous it is when schools become obsessed with achievement at the expense of student welfare.

Max is excited when she is chosen to partner with the school's new robot, Fuzzy. The goal is to help him become similar to a real middle school student. But as Fuzzy becomes more human, the school's evil digital evaluation system takes notice and sets out to stop them, no matter what it takes.

I love Tom Angleberger's writing and it was fun to read something focused towards slightly older readers than his incredible Origami Yoda series. Fuzzy is funny and clever; it would make a great read aloud which could lead to some interesting discussions about the testing and assessing culture in our schools.

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