Friday, September 9, 2016


I enjoyed The Crossover and was even more excited to read Booked, because soccer is life for my students. While this will be a hit, the cover alone will suck in half my class, I don't think it is as strong as Kwame Alexander's previous book.

The main complaint I will hear is that there isn't enough soccer in the book. There are references to teams and stars, but really only two actual soccer games. They go by quickly and will leave my readers wanting more, especially since this is a novel-in-verse, since they'll be filling in a lot of the blanks on their own anyway.

There's a lot of drama in the book: divorce, bullies, crushes, teachers, parents, injuries...a bit much for the average young adult, but I think my readers won't mind that. For me, I didn't get to know the main character very well as there was always something else that seemed to pop up.

It's worth adding to the library, but I hope Alexander's next book is truly excellent.

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