Sunday, August 28, 2016

Professor Gargoyle

I have a very boy-heavy class this year and the Tales from Lovecraft Middle School series is perfect for them. The books are short, engaging, and the lenticular covers are the best, changing from regular yearbook photos to scary monsters.

The redistricting of Robert's neighborhood means that the only person he knows at the new Lovecraft Middle School is his longtime bully Glenn. Then rats start exiting lockers, creepy teachers seem to spy on the kids, students start disappearing, and Robert is wondering exactly what he's signed up for. He has to team up with unlikely friends to solve the mysteries of his new school, before he is the next to disappear.

I read this on my kindle, but recommended that the school librarian buy them in hardcover. The covers will suck them in, but the action and strange creatures will keep them hooked.

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