Friday, June 24, 2016

An Ember in the Ashes

Have you ever wanted to read a book that's a combination of The Hunger Games, The Testing, The Lightning Thief, Game of Thrones, and about a hundred other (better) books that came before? Look no further.

There's a lot of buzz surrounding An Ember in the Ashes, which is touted as the next big dystopian series. Since these series are always a hit with my students, I wanted to check it out before they started asking me about it. I would love to be able to recommend it to them, but there are so many references to rape that it isn't suitable. If there was a drinking game for this book, sadly, that would be the word that sends somebody to the hospital.

There were things that I enjoyed about the novel. Laia, our female protagonist, isn't your typical dystopian heroine. She isn't overly skilled or confident or charismatic. She is truly an ordinary girl who is forced into unimaginable circumstances. I also loved the ancient Roman tinge to the story, since this time period fascinates me. Still, I can't get past all the discussion of rape, so I won't be sharing this book with anyone.

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