Wednesday, May 25, 2016

House Arrest

Adolescence is all about acting before thinking of the consequences. House Arrest's main character, Timothy, embodies this. Life has been difficult since his father left and his sick baby brother needs around the clock medical care, so when Timothy sees an unattended wallet, he takes it and runs. The result? A year of house and required journaling.

I love novels-in-verse and was excited to check this out. Author K.A. Holt captures the full range of emotions Timothy experiences, from anger to despair to hope. As much as he wants to lash out at the world, Timothy is always caring towards his brother.

It's nice to have a novel-in-verse that is appropriate for middle grade readers. They'll enjoy some of the surprises along the way and sympathize with Timothy's frustration with things he can't control. I'll be book-talking House Arrest when we begin our poetry unit.

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