Saturday, February 6, 2016

Ice Dogs

This has been a great year of growth for me as a teacher, particularly because my students are mostly boys. Many of my tried and true tactics just don't work for their wiggly bodies. They also came in with a proud aversion to reading. Luckily, that has changed and it has kept me on my toes, finding books to recommend to them.

Ice Dogs is a book I would never have considered in the past, but my students love Gary Paulsen and this feels like a more modern version of his novels. Victoria is an accomplished dog sledder who finds Chris, a recent Alaskan transplant, after a snowmobiling accident. Together, they must fight their way through a blizzard to make their way home.

There is terrific action and tension in the novel that the pages flew by. This is exactly what my students need. I love the subtle challenges to gender roles, with Victoria being an athletic outdoorswoman and Chris being the one who can sew booties for the dogs. There's so much to learn from Ice Dogs. This will be my next book talk, for sure.

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