Sunday, November 8, 2015

Mortal Heart

Ahhh, the delicious sadness of finishing a truly wonderful series. Robin LaFevers kept me entertained and guessing what would happen next, as well as wishing she would make it more than a trilogy. What about a prequel about Sister Serafina? What about a spinoff series about Sister Audri? What about a separate series set in the convent of Saint Mer? I could read these stories until the end of time.

Annith has always been a mysterious character in the series: the capable favorite who excels at all her assassin training, but has never been sent out to use those skills. When she is ordered to become the new Seeress, it crushes all hopes Annith has of being named an assassin. Tired of being the obedient and innocent girl, Annith decides to take action and become the person she has always wanted to be. This leads to shocking truths about herself and the convent that has always been her home.

While the beginning is slower than the other books and Annith isn't as wild a narrator as Sybella, I loved how Annith's story brings a resolution to the series. We get an interesting political ending, a satisfying love story, and a peek at where our beloved assassin nuns will go next. I highly, highly recommend this series!

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