Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Surge and Eruption

After reading the first book in the Storm Runners series, I rushed to read the other two books. 
Since they are so short and so closely tied, I thought I would combine my reviews. 
The Surge picks up right where Storm Runners lets off, with the water rising, post-Hurricane Emily. Not only do Chase and his friends have to worry about flooding, there are also many hungry circus animals hiding in the shadows! Once that issue has been resolved, they need to help the rest of the circus members who are threatened by an earthquake and volcanic eruption in Mexico. 

I loved this series and how well it will fit in with our weather unit. I'll read the first book with my class and know that they will fly through the rest of the series. They are quick reads that will appeal to struggling readers who need action to hook them page after page. While the final book in the series wasn't as strong as the previous two, it tied up everything nicely with a satisfying ending. 

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