Thursday, August 20, 2015

Circus Mirandus

I spend so much of the year thinking of which books I should add to the suggested summer reading list. When it's summertime and I find a book like Circus Mirandus, I have to decide whether it becomes a class read aloud or on the summer reading list. It's just so good!

Micah was raised by his Grandpa Ephraim's stories of the magical Circus Mirandus. Now Ephraim is sick and wants to call in the miracle he was promised as a child, but he needs Micah's help to be sure that it comes true. Along with his new friend Jenny Mendoza, Micah must use all his belief in magic to save the person he loves most.

I have found that many middle grade fantasy novels are bloated and intimidating to students who dislike huge tomes. Circus Mirandus is the perfect length for readers who want to take a dip in the fantasy pool without committing to months of reading. The best solution for my quandary? I'll read a chapter of the book aloud to hook everyone, then recommend they add it to their TBR piles!

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