Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Double Cross

Spy novels are all the rage with my fifth graders. They love Loot, the Spy School series, the Alex Rider series, and when I read them the blurb for Jackson Pearce's The Double Cross, way back in April, they were gnashing their teeth to get their hands on it. Like me, they're really going to enjoy this book.

Hale Jordan has grown up in a family of spies, generations trained by the SRS to save the world. So maybe Hale is a bit chubbier and less athletic than the average spy. He has a lot of other valuable skills that will hopefully make him a junior agent. Until his parents go missing on a mission and his world turns upside down. Hale and his enthusiastic little sister, Kennedy, now have a mission of their own: to save their parents.

The female characters were particularly impressive in this novel.
Kennedy is a natural junior agent while her brother struggles, and a girl named Beatrix is a gifted hacker. Looks are never what they seem: Hale gets teased mercilessly about his weight, but in the field he thinks fast and works better than fitter agents. There are several positive sibling relationships, as well, which is what I see a lot with my students' families.

I appreciate getting to read this ARC from NetGalley and look forward to purchasing a hard copy for my classroom library.

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