Monday, April 13, 2015


Confession time: for years, I have been recommending Legend to students as a book they should read if they liked The Hunger Games. Now that I'm teaching my youngest students ever, I wanted to make sure that it is a book I could safely recommend. Happily, I am in the clear. The first in Marie Lu's series is a perfect book for dystopian fans, and less violent than The Testing, which I have also recommended.

Alternating between the perspectives of June and Day, we learn about life in a future where the Republic and the Colonies have daily battles and the gap between the rich and the poor is constantly widening. While both are prodigies, wealthy June has had every advantage and poor Day lives on the streets, praying that his family won't catch the plague. Pitted against each other, they don't realize how much they have in common.

Obviously, I am about three years behind on the reviewing this, but better late than never, especially since I can now have in-depth conversations with my fellow readers.

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