Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Snicker of Magic

 A Snicker of Magic has a lot of buzz around it, so I wanted to check it out because I am building my middle grade recommendations. Unfortunately, this reminded me too much of Savvy: rambling plot, too many quirky characters, Deep South setting, and magical powers. It took me forever to read and I was surprised to see on my Kindle that it was 311 pages, because it felt like twice that.

Felicity Pickle's mother has a wandering soul and moves her and her sister Fannie Jo around the country in their car, the Pickled Jalapeno, every time a thunderstorm falls too close to a certain date of the month. (Do you see what I mean about the rambling and the quirk?) They head back to her hometown of Midnight Gulch, a place that used to be magical but has lost its charm, due to a curse. Of course, it becomes Felicity's job to break the curse, so that they can stay in town.

There is an audience for this book. And there are some beautiful moments, like the character "The Beedle" who commits random acts of kindness, which is something that all children should learn about. And when Felicity is asked if she has a crush, she replies, "More like an inflate. He makes me feel the opposite of crushed. He makes my heart feel like a balloon, like it's going to blow up and fly right out of my chest." What a lovely description for what so many middle grade readers are beginning to experience.

I'll add A Snicker of Magic to a list of suggested books for summer reading. It's always an option, just not one I'll be pressing heavily.

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