Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Brown Girl Dreaming

Brown Girl Dreaming, Jacqueline Woodson’s memoir, is for savoring. Written in verse, Woodson tells the story of her life in a way that makes one consider how their life would be told.

I related greatly to a section about her older sister, Odella. Aptly called “The Reader”, I include it here:

            When we can’t find my sister, we know she is under the kitchen table, a book in her hand, a glass of milk and a small bowl of peanuts beside her.

            We know we can call Odella’s name out loud,
Slap the table hard with our hands,
Dance around it singing
“She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain”
so many times the song makes us sick
and the circling makes us dizzy
and still
my sister will do nothing more
than slowly turn the page.

I love this poem because it could be a description of me at any age from four until right now.

My students are big Jacqueline Woodson fans and will love this, as soon as we get our hands on a hard copy and not just the Kindle version I have been dragging out.

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