Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Are We There Yet?

Goofus and Gallant argue over a Manic Pixie Dream Girl in Italy.

That would be my Twitter-style review of David Levithan's Are We There Yet? I was so disappointed by this novella because I normally adore everything Levithan writes.

The Silver brothers have been tricked into a trip together in Italy that their parents hope will heal the rift between them that nobody understands. Danny, the older responsible brother, is a caricature of a work-obsessed ad man. Elijah, a sweet sixteen year old stoner who loves everyone, is clearly Levithan's Gallant. Which just sets Danny up to be the cranky old man (at twenty-three). Levithan hammers us with their differences:
"Elijah's problem, in Danny's mind, is that he has no sense of what it takes to make a living.
Danny's problem, in Elijah's mind, is that he has no sense of what it takes to make a life."

Levithan's dislike of Danny makes me feel defensive of his character, especially because I pictured him in my head as Danny Castellano from "The Mindy Project." His polar opposite, Elijah, doesn't seem that appealing to me. At first, I thought he had some developmental issues, but he is really just set up as someone who is so kind that he will do anything to make others happy.

This book didn't work for me and I won't be recommending it, but it doesn't change my love for David Levithan. Everyone has bad days.

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