Monday, September 1, 2014

Kiss of Broken Glass

Cutting really scares me. It's something I don't understand, as someone who hates pain. I can't imagine getting a rush and relief from bleeding. Still, it is increasingly common among adolescents, and Kiss of Broken Glass made it seem like everyone is cutting themselves. This could be a trigger for some readers, since one of the points that author Madeleine Kuderick makes is that some girls cut just to fit in.

After Kenna is caught cutting herself in the school bathroom, she is institutionalized for 72 hours under Florida's Baker Act. This novel in verse follows her through her time under supervision. I love novels in verse, but felt that the choice to write in this style limited my access to the characters, especially when the book is only 224 pages. None were very fleshed out, so I could not sympathize very much with Kenna's situation.

While it may be realistic, it was frustrating that Kenna's friends turned on her once she was hospitalized, but Kenna doesn't explore where she will continue to be friends with them when she is realized. 72 hours is not a long time, so her problems wouldn't be solved, but I would have liked more consideration given to Kenna's re-entry to school and her normal life.

Overall, not a very impressive debut, but it was fun to read a novel in verse again. I'll be seeking out more; I hope they will affect me more than Kiss of Broken Glass.

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