Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong

With only enough money to fund new uniforms for the cheerleading team or sending the Robotics Club to the national competition, the competition is fierce. Unfortunately for Charlie, his best friend is the head of the Robotics Club and his ex-girlfriend is the Captain of the cheerleaders. Luckily, they are able to find a way to work together to see if they can earn the money for both groups.

With its dedication to "all the girl geeks", I was a little concerned that the only female character that speaks in the first half of the book is a domineering cheerleading ex-girlfriend. Luckily, that fear was resolved with the introduction of Joanna, the most talented member of the Robotics Club. Joanna is true to her geeky heart, which makes her attractive to everyone, except some losers who think robotics isn't for girls.

This is a black and white graphic novel, which tend to be less popular than the full color books, at least with my students. Still, Faith Erin Hicks' artwork is lively and makes up for the lack of color. I think that after a few pages, my students won't even notice anymore (or maybe I'll have a competition to let them color it)! I'm talking about the book like I already have a copy of it for our classroom library, which will happen as soon as possible.

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