Monday, July 14, 2014

When Good Series Go Bad

Life As We Knew It remains one of my favorite YA novels - an introduction to dystopian literature that is addictive and suspenseful. Four years after reading it, I am still regularly recommending it. Its sequel, The Dead and the Gone, was another enjoyable book, this time from a male perspective. The third book in what was supposed to be a trilogy, This World We Live In, dropped off in quality. While it was fun to see the characters from the previous books meet up, the writing and plot were not what I wanted. I considered it a disappointing end to the series.

Today, while browsing in the library, I discovered The Shade of the Moon, a fourth entry in the series. I was so excited that I quickly moved it to the top of my Goodreads To Read List. Unfortunately, that was when I noticed that the majority of the reviews were one or two stars. This novel focuses on Jon, the younger brother of Miranda, the protagonist of the first and third books. It turns out, Jon is a terrible person who rapes girls who are less fortunate than he is, and has caused the death of a girlfriend. It also sounds like there isn't much character growth. Rather than getting frustrated and further disappointed by the series' decline, I am going to return this book to the library, unread. It would be a better use of my time to read Life As We Knew It again.

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