Saturday, June 14, 2014

Because of Mr. Terupt

I'm always fascinated by the bond that my elementary teacher friends have with their classes. Spending all day in the same room with the same kids, the teacher becomes another parent to the students.

Because of Mr. Terupt demonstrates the power of this bond. A group of fifth graders have an incredible teacher who enriches their lives until a tragedy strikes and they all try to decide who is to blame.

After Wonder, I've noticed an increase in middle grade novels told from multiple perspectives. It really works in a classroom setting like Because of Mr. Terupt. The short chapters and different voices keep growing readers engaged. Author Rob Buyea tells too many perspectives of the same even for my taste, but I can see middle grade readers getting attached to a character and wanting to know their thoughts.

Best of all, there's a sequel, Mr. Terupt Falls Again. In a twist only a fifth grader could love, Mr. Terupt's class is the only one in the school that will loop he next year. Readers can jump straight to the second book. I'm not in a huge rush to read it, but I'll get there. It's so short and already on my Kindle, so why not?

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