Saturday, April 19, 2014

Dreams of Gods and Monsters

Godstars, can Laini Taylor write.

I mean this in every sense of the phrase. Her writing is so beautiful that I spent much of Dreams of Gods and Monsters marveling at her talent. Beautiful descriptions abound, like, "…She shone in their midst like a jewel in a rough setting. Like a star in the cupped hands of night." I'm greedy for her writing and wish it were for a 6th grade audience, since there are some serious mentor sentences here.

Taylor is great at hooking the reader throughout the novel, not just at the beginning. A typical chapter ending sounds like, "So they watched Eliza closely for some small sig that it might be taking effect. There was no small sign. That is to say…the sign was not small. Not even a little bit." This a master class on how to keep the reader wanting more.

At 614 pages, Taylor has written a lot. Two full pages were dedicated to how a character (Zuzana, my favorite) arches her eyebrows. When read in snatches while hosting house guests, the novel can seem overwhelming and dragged out. Sometimes, the only thing that managed to happen in one day of reading were two characters sharing a glance across a room. So, while I am greedy for Taylor's writing, I wish she were as adept at editing, because if the novel were two hundred pages shorter, I would have loved it even more.

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