Saturday, February 1, 2014

Stealing Home: The Story of Jackie Robinson

There are some books that you avoid for years. For me, Stealing Home: The Story of Jackie Robinson is one of them. The cover illustration and font are unappealing, and the "50th Anniversary Edition" medal made me think the book was fifty years old.

I had been missing out because this is a terrific nonfiction book. I learned so much about this incredible athlete, as well as the time period. I thought it was really funny that recruiters from the west coast offered to pay his tuition for an east coast school so that they would not have to compete against him. This is the kind of fact that gets readers hooked. I also thought it was interesting that the first night games in baseball were played by the Negro Leagues because they were unable to get the fields during the day.

Stealing Home made me daydream about what an athlete like Jackie Robinson would be capable of today, with the high tech equipment and personal training that professional athletes receive. A nonfiction book that makes me dream about possibilities? I will be book talking this as much as possible!

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