Friday, November 15, 2013

Rose Under Fire

I was browsing through the Goodreads Choice Awards list, filling my queue, when I saw the cover of Rose Under Fire. It looked terrible to me, until I saw the author, Elizabeth Wein.

Nobody writes female friendships like Wein. Code Name Verity was one of my favorite books last year and I continue to press it into people's hands. The fact that Rose Under Fire features the same characters had me so excited. I pray that this isn't the last book about this crew of female WWII pilots.

In my classes, I am teaching about character development, so Rose has been the mentor text that all of my charts and post-its are about. Witnessing how Rose develops from a naive American teen, still glowing from her high school basketball victories, to a concentration camp survivor, is watching a work of art. And it's not just Rose. Every character is finely developed, from the other prisoners to the Nazi guards.

I learned so much about WWII, particularly the Rabbits, Polish prisoners on whom horrifying medical experiments were done. Wein imbues the rabbits with so much personality, they are impossible to forget.

I finished Rose Under Fire in tears, grateful for having read it. Now, will you please read it so we can discuss??

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