Friday, October 18, 2013

The Fashion Disaster That Changed My Life

Lauren Myracle's are always realistic, even when parents don't want them to be. I decided to check out this book for a quick read today. Seventh grader Alli has always wanted to be popular and it seems like this might finally be her year to move up the social ranks. Unfortunately, that would mean leaving behind her old friends and ignoring that nagging feeling that popularity isn't as great as it seems.

Alli is insecure and awkward, basically, a totally normal seventh grader. At one point, she and her new friends go searching through a parent's bedside table and find condoms and a Playgirl. This is going to be a touchy scene with some parents. It's also something that probably happens all the time. I like that Myracle continues to write controversial books that feel totally authentic. It was worth the few hours it took to read.

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