Saturday, March 9, 2013


I was really curious about where Lauren DeStefano would go with the second novel in The Chemical Garden Trilogy, Fever. At the end of the first novel, Rhine takes a step which means that the setting, characters, and basically everything else must change.

DeStefano is able to do so, but I preferred Rhine's life in the mansion to a bizarre prostitution carnival or the streets of New York. It was brave of the author to kill off or alienate beloved characters in the first novel; unfortunately, they aren't replaced with characters that are as endearing as Jenna or Cicely.

The cover of the novel is actually a great representation of Rhine's state in most of the novel: she is either drugged or ill, listless and powerless. I often wondered why she didn't do more to improve her situation, which was frustrating. I would have given up on the series altogether, but DeStefano reels me back in with the final line of the novel. Will I be reading the recently released third book, Sever? I'm ordering it right now!