Wednesday, August 15, 2012

These are the books I've loved best during the second quarter of 2012. There aren't as many books as in the first quarter, but they are all seriously good. Think of them as deep cuts. 

1. Code Name Verity - A story of friendship in World War II

2. Okay For Now - I adored this, against all odds.

3. Every Day - David Levithan challenges and delights, as always. Check it out on September 18th.

4. Anna and the French Kiss - I read it (and reviewed it) in Spanish, now I want to read it in English!

5. Pinned - Sharon G. Flake is the queen. All hail her again on October 2nd.

6. The Darkest Minds - Come December, this is going to be the book everyone is speaking about. Fans of The Hunger Games, get ready. 

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