Monday, August 13, 2012

The Chosen Ones

In Kyra's community, men have multiple wives and many children, and nobody questions the word of the Prophet. She has been taught to obey, even if it means hiding her visits to the bookmobile and her crush on a boy in the community. When the Prophet has a vision that dictates that Kyra must marry her Uncle Hyram, fifty years her elder, she realizes that she needs to escape. The Chosen One is a violent and intense look at life in a polygamist sect.

I've been wanting to read something by Carol Lynch Williams for awhile, and this was an excellent introduction to her dark novels. She perfectly captures the paranoid and insular feeling of living under the Prophet's eye. I was especially affected by the frightening descriptions of discipline and couldn't look away until the novel's resolution. I was left with some questions, but justify them by saying that I am invested in the characters.

The Chosen One tackles heavy subjects, but is written in a way that is appropriate for middle and high school students.


  1. I've seen this one all over the blogging world but I just can't bring myself to read it. I'm glad you enjoyed it though =) All of Carol's books seem to revolve around dark subject matter. I've read two of her other books, Glimpse (which is in verse) and Miles From Ordinary. I found both of them to be a bit too disturbing.

  2. It's funny you mention Glimpse, as I only ended up reading this one because I couldn't find Glimpse at the library.

  3. This looks scary but very good. I am going to look around for it.

  4. I think you'll enjoy's pretty intense!


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