Friday, July 27, 2012


Liz is a photographer who has a monthly sleepover with her "forever-best" Kate. When they argue one night and sleep in separate corners of the house, something happens between Kate and Liz's older brother, Mike, who is home from college and drunk. What follows is an exploration of justice, conscience, and friendship.

Exposed tackles the subject of rape from a unique standpoint, with Liz feeling guilty that it happened, and unsure of what justice would mean. If Mike is convicted, her brother is sent to jail and she loses her best friend. If he isn't, her brother walks free from a crime and her former best friend has been victimized twice. Either way, she loses everything and will spend the rest of her life regretting the fight that she picked with Kate.

Kimberly Marcus was wise to write Exposed as a novel in verse. This style allows her to highlight the important aspects of the story, while speeding through the long wait for a trial. Liz's confusion over what she wanted was palpable. With a plot like this, there is no way to have a happy ending. I wanted Liz and Kate to find their peace, and for Mike to fall off a cliff, and by the end, at least two-thirds of my hopes were on their way to coming true.


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