Sunday, January 22, 2012

Luz Sees the Light

Hey Kids,

Want to read a black/white/brown graphic novel that lectures you about climate change?

Yes, me neither.

I dislike when agendas are shoehorned into books, hidden in the guise of "It's a graphic novel, they'll like it." I am an environmentalist and an educator, but know that for a message to be effective, it has to be appealing. Multiple pages in Luz Sees the Light feature quotes like, "If we keep relying on imports, eventually we won't be able to afford the things we need. So we should buy from local farms and businesses and produce our own stuff." This is the ultimate in telling-not-showing, which turns off readers and prevents the message from being communicated.

From electricity blackouts to rising gas prices to vegetarianism to composting, there is just too much crammed into Luz Sees the Light. While environmental issues are interconnected, author Claudia Davila should have focused on just one aspect so that her target audience could better digest these important lessons.

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  1. The start of this post had me cracking up. The excerpt that you shared demonstrated your point well though. That is too bad that it ended up being that way. I thought that the play on words in the title was fun, but I was disappointed to hear what it was actually like content wise!


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