Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I'm so happy to finish my month of reviewing every day with a novel that I absolutely loved. Somehow, I read two Lauren Oliver novels in the first week of 2012, Delirium and Liesl and Po. These books couldn't be more different, although both feature fantastic writing and imaginative plots.

Delirium is a dystopian novel based on an interesting premise: what is life like in a society where love is illegal? In Lena's world, everyone receives an operation at age eighteen which prevents them from feeling love. They are paired with a spouse by the government and spend the rest of their lives in a sedated tranquility. Only a few months away from her surgery, Lena meets a mysterious stranger named Alex and begins to question everything around her.

Delirium was suspenseful and had me glued to my kindle (yay!), eager to learn what would happen next. Lauren Oliver's writing draws the reader in; she has the gift of being able to phrase everything beautifully. My favorite aspect of the book, though, were the small details that showed what a world would be like without love. Romeo and Juliet become a cautionary tale, indifferent parents are not attached to their children, and no one has heard of poetry. I loved that Oliver slid these details into the story and let them sit, tugging at my mind.

This is the first novel in a trilogy, with its sequel Pandemonium releasing in a few weeks. Sometimes it pays off to read a book so late; I hardly have to wait at all to learn what happens to the characters to whom I've grown attached.

PS. I apologize for any typing errors, my apartment is freezing right now!

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  1. A review a day - Go, Girl! That is awesome!! How did you make it happen? I've wanting to read Delirium for the longest time... So happy to hear you loved it!


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