Saturday, November 5, 2011

Real Live Boyfriends

Dear E. Lockhart,

I just finished Real Live Boyfriends and am so sad because I have now read all your books. Even worse, I have to deal with the fact that there will be no more Ruby Oliver books. I hate not being able to look forward to what the wonderfully neurotic Ruby will do once she reaches college. Would you consider writing a novel about a student who lives in the same dorm as Ruby? That way I could still get updates on her and know that she is transitioning to the real world smoothly.

I loved the increased maturity we saw in Ruby in this book. She's still loony, but shows a bit more judgment when dealing with Noel and Gideon and all the other boys in her life. I guess she'd have to be mature, with her parents absolutely falling to pieces (I am so grateful that my mother is nothing like Ruby's). I also like that it felt like Ruby already had one step outside of the Tate universe, not feeling so much angst about her former friends and her reputation. You beautifully captured the feeling of senior year and grappling with the future, while still remaining funny and brilliant.

Please write quickly...I am eagerly awaiting your next novel.
Thanks a bunch,
Miss K

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