Saturday, October 22, 2011

Joey Fly Private Eye 2: Big Hairy Drama

Clever wordplay takes center stage in Joey Fly Private Eye 2: Big Hairy Drama. Joey Fly is a classic gumshoe, full of snappy retorts and puns. The only difference between this and other entries in the genre? All of the characters are insects. In the second book in the series, Joey Fly and his bumbling sidekick, Sammy Stingtail, are charged with finding the missing lead actress of a local theater. Investigating the crime gives plenty of opportunities to teach about theater vocabulary and idioms, while following the traditional narrative pattern of a mystery.

Big Hairy Drama would serve as a great first graphic novel for readers, as it is very easy to follow. Among the clues (heh) given: the narrative is written in typed boxes, while the dialogue is in a different font, and each setting has a different colored background. These aids not only assist the reader, but also add to the reading experience.

Author Aaron Reynolds and illustrator Neil Numberman have created a series that belong on the shelf in all elementary school classroom libraries.

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