Sunday, October 2, 2011


We are living in a post-Twilight world. For better or worse, every paranormal romance that I read will always be compared with Twilight in my mind. A friend and I discussed this today, saying "I know what I'm reading, so please don't take five chapters of the protagonist trying to figure out why the hot new guy can move so quickly, read her mind, and know so much about history." For once, I would love for a novel from this genre to openly acknowledge Twilight and then change the game. Evermore is not the novel to do that.

The love story of Ever, the sole survivor of a car crash who can read minds and see her deceased sister, and Damen, a mysterious rebel with an endless supply of red tulips, is not about vampires. Alyson Noel very clearly states that Damen is an Immortal, not a vampire, but then never really explains what that means and what his red beverage of choice is if he isn't a vamp.

There are some aspects to the story which I enjoyed. Ever is able to see the auras of those around her, which tells her how they are feeling. I liked flipping back to the aura chart to see what each colors meant. I also thought it was interesting how Damen shared the symbolism behind different flowers, a subject which has always fascinated me. Unfortunately, I have been wracking my brain for a third thing that was good about Evermore and can't come up with one.

I found the writing to be lacking, particularly in explaining Damen's history and what he really is. When the author writes, "And no, I'm not going to explain all the hows and whys because that would take too long..." and begins multiple sentences with, "All you need to know is...", I find it insulting to the reader. Did Noel not think things through enough? I was really put off by this glaring weakness in the plot.

Evermore is the first in a trilogy, but I won't be reading the others in the series. Does the cover look familiar? Check my review for North of Beautiful from a week or so ago. The last thing I am going to say is that the sequel to Twilight is called New Moon. The sequel to Evermore is called Blue Moon. Really, Alyson Noel?

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