Friday, July 29, 2011

The Treasure Map of Boys

First things first, I love everything E. Lockhart writes.

That said, I think she made some interesting choices with the third book in the Ruby Oliver series. The Treasure Map of Boys has Ruby facing challenges that aren't limited to the Tate Universe of her private school, and often, Ruby doesn't come out looking like a good person. At first I was disappointed by some of the choices she made, feeling like "Hey, you promised you weren't going to flirt with that boy your friend likes! What are you doing?" or "Of course your therapist has a life outside of your sessions! Start talking and stop wasting your parents' money!" I wanted Ruby to be the same character that I had enjoyed in the previous two books: someone who occasionally missteps but is headed in the right direction.

Then I realized that the more grave decisions that Ruby made in the novel were intentional on Lockhart's part. Ruby is older and her problems can't always be resolved with an apology. Ruby is impetuous, especially when it comes to boys, and the consequences are steeper when you are a junior in high school. If I liked Ruby less in this novel, it was just because she was even more realistic. I look forward to reading the fourth (and final?) book in the series, Real Live Boyfriends, as soon as I can track it down.

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